Residents Reminded to Check on Propane Levels

  • Residents Reminded to Check on Propane Levels
    Residents Reminded to Check on Propane Levels

As if there isn’t enough to worry about just now, Rep. Jim Grego reminds Oklahomans to check their propane levels in their home tanks.

State law requires any residence where the tank has gone empty to undergo a propane professional come into the home to perform a pressure test. This ensures that the tank wasn’t drained by an appliance.

However, some propane dealers aren’t allowing their employees inside residents’ homes in response to the social distancing measures in place to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

“A lot of residents in rural Oklahoma use propane,” Grego said. “I just wanted to make sure they are aware of this problem, so they don’t run short of the fuel they need to run their appliances during this health crisis.”

Greco said he has contacted the LP Gas Commission and the office of the governor to address ways to help Oklahomans who have run out of propane until the end of the quarantine. He is also in hopes of getting legislation passed to reform the situation next year.

While Grego is a representative for parts of LeFlore, Latimer and Pittsburg counties, residents in any rural area who rely on propane for heat, cooking or hot water are reminded to check their home tanks and take appropriate action if necessary to ensure they can continue to use the appliances in their homes that use propane.

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